As a man’s best companion, dogs come in different size, temperament and characters. Either if you want them to be just a normal pet, companion or a Guard dog, everyone loves a Strong dog. They can be a great exercise and activity partners, companions, a guardian for your property and more than that, they do make heads turn. The following are the top 10 strongest dogs:

10. German Shepherd

German Shepherds  are very proportionate and strong dog. They are courageous, keen,  fearless and alert. They are eager to learn. He is a very brilliant dog and easy to train. They are commonly used on police forces as well as military and emergency rescue. They possess a good Bite force. He has a strong protective instinct and is extremely loyal to the handler. They must be given training from the early age. When it comes exercise, they need a lot of outdoor activities. Otherwise, they might be destructive.

9. Siberian Husky


Siberian huskies are beautiful dogs. They look like wolves. Initially, they were bred for pulling sleds. It has an extraordinary endurance level. He is playful and athletic. It needs vigorous outdoor activities. But they are difficult to train. Siberian huskies are Intelligent and Independent. They shed a lot. It needs frequent vacuuming. Huskies fit well with confident and experienced dog owners. They are sociable with other dogs, but it should not be kept with cats, rabbits, parrots or ferrets.

8. American Pitbull Terrier

Pitbulls are confident and extremely muscular dogs. They have been bred for fighting. So, pit bulls retain the tendency to be aggressive with other dogs. They are stubborn yet the owners must be confident how to establish. These dogs are dependable. Pit bulls are very strong and there are competitions where pit bulls pull weights. Minimum training and medium exercise will make the dog be obedient.

7. American Bulldog


American Bulldogs are muscular breeds weighing around 60 to 120 pounds. They possess great strength, determination, alert and self-confident. They learn things quickly and are loyal to their owner. They must be trained at the early stages. They are a gentle and affectionate breed with strong protective instinct. They must be given daily outdoor activities. He requires only minimal grooming and care.

6. Dogo Argentino

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Dogo Argentinos are well built muscular dogs primarily bred for game-hunting. Dogo Argentinos are athletic and they require vigorous outdoor activities. They are strong willed, independent and highly intelligent and have a strong prey drive. They cannot be kept with cats unless they are grown together. Frequent socialisation and early training are essential.

5. Rottweiler


Rottweilers are calm, assertive and confident. They have a true, loyal and loving heart. They have powerful shoulders, leg and chest muscles. So, they can out power other living things that come their way. These breed bite with a force of 328 pounds. They need plenty of both mental and physical exercise. They wait quietly and has a wait-and-see attitude to influences its environment. Rottweilers are handsome and easy to groom.

4. Saint Bernard


Saint Bernards are giant, muscular and strong dogs originally used for Alpine rescues. They weigh around 120 to 180 pounds or more. They are calm, patient, kind and intelligent. They are also called “Nature’s Babysitters” and very patient with children.  They do not require a lot of exercise. If left alone too much, they become destructive. They drool a lot.

3. Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Danes are strong and elegant in appearance. They are also called “Gentle Giants” and “Apollo of Dogs” as they are considered as one of the largest breeds of dogs. They weigh around 100 to 200 pounds. Great Danes are peaceful with other dogs. They must be taken out more frequently in order to build their confidence and stable temperament. The physical and mental training must be given from the young age. They do not bark unless needed in certain circumstances. Great Danes are dependable.

2. Mastiff


Mastiffs are massive dog breeds. They weigh around 130 to 220 pounds. Mastiffs compete in guarding and weight pulling. They are loving breeds but sometimes stubborn. They doesn’t need much exercise and prefers to stay at home. Drools a lot. They go peaceful with other dogs. Obedience training must be consistent. Mastiffs are ‘gassy’ dogs. Sleek and easy care.

1. Kangal


Kangals are large and powerful breed. Standing on all 4 legs, the top of a Kangal’s head reaches just above the elbow of an average man standing upright next to the dog. They are calm and gentle with most powerful instinct. Kangals are smart and they need both physical and mental exercise. He does not require much grooming. Male Kangal weigh about 110-145 pounds  and female weigh about 90-120 pounds.


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